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Currently, we are doing a market research in Turkey and in Europe and we are offering Northern Cypriot community good quality vegetable and fruit imports with reasonable prices.

With our new fruit and vegetable packaging facility, which was completed this year, we are going to supply better quality domestic products to our society.

Today, with our 21 cold-air storages, a packaging building, an office building on an 8000 m2 land, and 100 staff, we are offering the North Cypriot Community not only domestic fruits and vegetables but also many health certified fruits and vegetables from other international companies we have contract with.

Our founder, Süleyman Mustafa Onbaşı, begun his business in 1970's. By going from village to village, he collected the vegetables and fruits produced in Cyprus and offered them to the public in Nicosia as a wholesale and retail.

In 1976, he begun to import apples from Turkey. Then, in 1980, with the full participation of his son, Hasan Onbaşı, in the business, imports increased, new varieties have been adopted and many breakthroughs were made for the growth of the business.

On 25th January 1985, the company was founded as Süleyman Mustafa Onbaşı. Besides, in 1991, our first facility was built at the Organized Industrial Zone and together with this facility, first banana imports begun in 1993.

Our day by day developing company has continued to operate in 1999 at it's new building on the Morphou Road, where we are still based. With our growing and developing new facility and contribution of the third generation into the business, the number of countries which we import, and markets, restaurants and hotels to which we do delivery has increased. At the same time, our staff members, vehicles and varieties have developed.

Our Goals and Objectives lead us to success..

Our Vision
To protect our market leadership in TRNC and to increase our market share.

Our Mission
To be the leader in the fresh fruits and vegetables service sector and to offer regularly and consistently the best products to the community. To deliver the products to the community, grown all around the world in every season and prevent shortage of these products Page.


We provide the best suppliers for you..

Imports of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are Onbaşı's core business throughout the year. By selecting the best products from the best suppliers, we are capable of meeting and exceeding market expectations. Our suppliers are leading companies all around the globe. We import fruit and vegetables continously from Turkey and European countries. We are constantly looking for new products with innovative packaging to broaden our catalogue. Our main aim is to build long term and solid business relationships with forward-thinking suppliers based on trust and constant communication.


We provide a wide range of fruits and vegetables that are health-certified and have undergone assay analysis; our quality policy;

Maintaining leadership and leadership in the fruit and vegetable sector,

Always be a reliable and sought company,

To present our customers with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, fresh spices and salad products in a healthy, hygienic, regular and stable manner,

Satisfying the constant and changing needs of our customers in the shortest time and with the maximum legal suitability by fully providing customer satisfaction,

Being a trust-based cooperation with suppliers,

To ensure continuous improvement of all operations within the scope of quality management system and to improve the quality of our employees through trainings,

To contribute to the country's economy by being a model institution that is respectful to the society and the environment we are in and constantly improving business volume.

We are audited to provide the best service and we are honored with the ISO-HACCP certificate for 2017 and ISO-HACCP certificate for 2020.


'Customers' satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of the company. The reason of Onbaşı's success is the extensive years of experience in the fruit and vegetable business and the close relationships with all of its suppliers, employees and customers.'

- Onbaşı İşletmeleri Ltd.

Onbaşı Ltd.

We offer all kinds of fruits, vegetables, fresh
spices and salad products to our customers in a healthy,
hygienic, regular and stable manner.

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